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Technology is a wonderful thing, but the more advanced it gets, the more our safety, security and privacy are being eroded. Now most anyone can download and app and find out where you are, what you are doing, hear what you are saying and other details about your location. Most of these apps can give a detailed map as to where you are traveling, in what direction, and how long you have been heading in that direction.

That being said, instead of assuming no one is checking on you, or that no one is following your moves, it might be best to prepare yourself for the fact that although no one is doing this today, they very easily could. To this point, keeping your family and loved ones safe is also of the utmost importance. How can you keep them safe, and know where they are? There is an app for that!

Mobile Spy Agent has a suite of products designed to help every customer keep track of every phone in their household, or business,with ease. You will never again have to wonder if your son is not being honest with you, or if your wife is still at the gym, or has left and is nearby a grocery store and can pick something up. This are just a few of the questions you can answer with Mobile Spy Agent.

GPS Location

GPS units receive signals from satellites, and these signals are then used to calculate the distance between the satellites in question. The coordinates show where the satellite spheres overlap, and this is how you can have a general idea of where your loved one is. Sometimes there are 3 satellites, which will allow for even more definitive information on location. If someone in your family likes to hike, this might be your favorite feature on this app.

Monitor Browser Activity

Knowing what Google searches your kids are performing on their phones gives you a myopic view into what they are thinking about, and what issues they might be confronted with that they otherwise might not tell you about.

Monitor Incoming and Outgoing Calls and Texts

This might seem invasive, but what if your child were at a party and were intoxicated?In that state they are likely not going to call you, but they will certainly call their friends. Being able to monitor texts is important also as you can make sure that the information being exchanged is with their peers, and not someone who has gotten into their lives surreptitiously. These are all features that can be used to ensure the safety of your loved ones.

Installed Apps

You can see all installed apps on each phone you have installed Mobile Spyware Agent on. If someone in your family has a problem with betting on sports, this could be uncovered through looking at the apps they installed on their phone. Perusing installed apps might help you shop for gifts as well! It provides information that you might not otherwise have access to.


To install the software, all you need is a few minutes with the device to download the app to the device in question. When you open an account and activate service, a license key is sent to you. Each time you install this service on a device, you will be prompted to input this key.

After the key is validated, the app will go into hidden, or stealth, mode. The person who is using that device will never even know the app has been installed, and it will remain completely invisible while this app tracks all the activity of the device. Accessing your account to look at data can be accomplished from any browser, and from most any device.

This might be the easiest way to keep track of employees and how they are using their company-provided devices.


This software will work on a host of IOS or Android devices, and it is compatible with all major carriers.
Protect your family, monitor the way employees are using their company devices, and in the end create greater peace of mind for yourself through the use of Mobile Spy Agent.