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Are you currently looking for a spy tool that is simple to use and comes with tons of essential features? Well, MobiPast is exactly what you should be going for next. Currently, ranked among the best spy tools parents can use to monitor their kids’ phone activity, MobiPast is fast becoming one of the most sought after parent control solutions. For more information on this app, here is MobiPast review.

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What is MobiPast?

MobiPast is basically a safe and probably one of the most effective monitoring apps that allow you to install the application on any Android and Iphone mobile devices so you can start tracking and monitor calls, SMS, GPS location and browser history among other in just 5 minutes.

MobiPast full Version Features

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For starters, this app comes fully complete with list of things to track and the best part; there are the same apps and features that parents usually want to monitor.

  1. GPS locations
  2. Passcode
  3. Contact
  4. Internet
  5. SMS and iMessage
  6. Note
  7. Whatsapp, Facebook, Yahoo and Hangouts
  8. Calls and among others

Getting started

One of the biggest reasons that have seen this app become one of the most popular monitoring tools for parents is its ease of use. It takes an unbelievable 5 minutes to install and start tracking without any issue. Users are only required to have the device that they want monitored in their hands in order to set it up and then the app will run discreetly in the background. In short, you do not have to posses any technical skills to have this app installed for everything from the start has been made so simple.

Is MobiPast really work?

This is one question many people would want to know the answer. You can actually get a free version of MobiPast if you want to get a taste of the software. If you like it, you can then upgrade for a very small price of $30 and get to enjoy an array of features that comes with the full version. Amazing isn’t?

Security and Performance

MobiPast comes with impeccable security features. It will send you resort about the activity traced directly to the email address that you have entered. The best part; it is encrypted to ensure that privacy is protected. No information is stored in their servers to guarantee users that the tracked data is safe.

When you talk of performance, this app is unlike anything you have ever seen before. That data that is monitored includes instant messaging, SMS, browsing history, social media activity, location and many more. With all that, you can easily see what your kids have been up to without leaving any traces.

Bottom Line

For the past few years, we have seen tons of iphone monitoring tools being developed and made available to users, but nothing comes close to MobiPast for its perfection, ease and simplicity. If you and you kid both have an iphone, MobiPast is definitely one of the easiest monitoring tools you can install and monitor their web activity, locations, and messages among other things